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    Our service department is dedicated to provide our customers with the best service possible. If you are having any sort of brake problems with your Toyota or any make, stop by our shop to have them reviewed and servied. Schedule an online service appointment with a few simple clicks. We have also put together some common questions and answers together that involve brakes on your car.

  • Are there signs for a dying battery?

    The first sign of a dying battery is revealed when you are starting your car. If there is a pause or hesitation upon turning the key, you may need to ahve your battery checked.
  • Is there a way to tell how old my Battery is?

    Most manufacturers have a date stamped on the side of the battery. If you are a Toyota owner, you should be able to log into to see your service history.
  • How often do batteries need to be replaced?

    The battery life depends on numerous factors for how long it can last. They rely on things such as keeping the fluid levels maintained and how hot the environment is.
  • What can excessive heat do to my car's battery?

    The hot temperatures can cause a batteries fluid level to evaporate faster that may cause more issues.
  • Any tips to get the most out of my battery? (Preventative Maintenance Tips)

    Some quick easy things you can do is, keep them clean, install anti corrosive pads on the terminals, maintain fluid levels, do not over fill them.
  • How do I test the battery?

    Make sure your ignition is off. Use a wrench to remove the battery's positive(+) terminal cover. Attach the voltmeter's positive clamp to the positive terminal on the battery(The positive clamp is usually red on a voltmeter). Attach the negative clamp to the negative terminal on the battery. Have your car sit overnight and check the voltmeter in the morning. Anything reading lower than 12.4 volts means that you need to have your battery charged.
  • Do you have a Warranty on Batteries?

    Through Toyota, the TrueStart batteries have a 2 year free replacement with toyota coverage. Ask us for more details.

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