Toyota End of Lease options Larry H Miller Toyota Corona

Toyota Lease End Options and Process

Here at Larry H. Miller Toyota Corona we strive to give each customer the best experience every time they come to our store. With our Leasing program, we want to make the beginning and the end of your lease as easy and enjoyable as possible. We have provided a timeline guide for the lease-end process, and additional links to educate you on the various Lease Return Options available at our store. Learn more about buying your leased vehicle, the lease return process, lease trade-in option, and the lease pull ahead program.

Our Certified Toyota Salesmen are always available to answer any questions you have along the way and help you throughout the entire lease-end process. Give us a call at 877-611-0050.
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Lease End Timeline

How far out are you from your lease end date?

Toyota End of Lease options Larry H Miller Toyota Corona

It's nearing the end of your lease, and time to start thinking about your options.

How many adventures have you gone on, cruizes down the freeway, or even commutes to the grocery store. Many people build a bond with their car and decide that they don't want to give it up at the end of their lease. That's okay! Others want something new to keep up with the current technology and features. Some just need something bigger to carry their growing family. This can be a hard decision, that's why it's time to start thinking about your options so you can have that car that's just right for you!

Keep Your Car

You love the car that you're currently in, and we have great news for you! Purchasing your current vehicle at the end of it's lease is available! Click the button below to learn more about the lease purchase option!

Learn More About Purchasing Your Lease

Return Your Lease and Walk Away

You want a fresh start and that's okay, but maybe that doesn't include a New Toyota. This is a great option if your current vehicle doesn't have any leased car equity and is in decent shape with minimal to no excess miles. Click the button below to learn more about the process for returning your lease.

Leased Car Equity is when your leased vehicle has a market value greater than then Residual Value that was given in your lease terms. If your current vehicle's value is less than it's residual value, you should consider returing your lease over trading it in.

Learn More About Returning Your Lease

Trade-In Your Lease & Purchase or Lease a New Car

Have you decided you want something new and don't want to keep your current lease? When should you consider Trading In your vehicle instead of returning it?

  • If your leased vehicle has leased car equity - has a market value higher than it's Residual Value.
  • Its Turn-In situation is not ideal - has excess damage or milage that could accrue high return fees.

Learn More About Trading In Your Lease
Toyota Lease Return Vehicle inspection and appointment in Larry H Miller Toyota Corona

You are now 4 months our from your lease ending. Time to start preparing for the end of lease process!

  • Schedule your Pre-Return Vehicle Inspection to avoid any unexpected fees and expenses.
    • This is also a good time to schedule a Trade-In appraisal if you are thinking about trading in your lease.
  • Decide if you want to make any repairs.
  • Schedule an appointment with us.
  • Satisfy any Lease Liability Fees/Charges.
Schedule Inspection
Toyota lease end loyalty rewards in Larry H Miller Toyota Corona

Your lease is due soon, have you decided what your next step will be?

You've spent the last few months researching your options and deciding on your next step, but have you picked out your next vehicle? Did you know, when you stay with Larry H. Miller Toyota Corona for your next vehicle you may be eligable for loyalty rewards? Schedule an appointment with us today and we will gladly finalize your end of lease decision, and help you pick out your next vehicle.

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